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Link Building in the Future: 2023

Link Building in the Future: 2023

As a digital marketer, I’m always looking to stay ahead of the curve and find new strategies to optimize my SEO. Link building is an important factor in SEO, and one that I’m always trying to improve. With the year 2023 quickly approaching, I’m sure link building will look a lot different than it does now. Here’s what I think link building will look like in the future.

New Link Building Strategies

The link building strategies we use now are likely to become outdated and replaced with more effective approaches. As technology advances, so does the way we use links to reach our target audience. I think companies will start transitioning to more automated link building, which will make the process faster and more efficient.

Also, I think we’ll start to see a shift away from traditional link building methods, such as guest posting and directory submissions, and towards more creative strategies. For example, influencer marketing has become a popular way to reach audiences, and I think companies will use this approach to build links in the future.

The Rise of AI

AI is already making a big impact on link building, and I think this will only increase as we move into 2023. AI-powered tools can help with everything from analyzing link profiles to finding link building opportunities. AI is also being used to automate the process of link building, so companies can focus on other aspects of their SEO strategy.

AI-powered tools can also help with link building by analyzing data and making predictions about which links will be most effective for a particular website. This can save companies time, money, and effort as they won’t have to manually research and analyze each link opportunity.

Better Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important part of link building, and I think it will become even more important in the future. Companies will start to focus more on creating high-quality content that appeals to their target audience and provides value. This will be key to building links and improving SEO.

Also, I think companies will start to use more diverse content types, such as podcasts, videos, and interactive content. This will help them reach different audiences and build more links.


Link building is an essential part of SEO, and it’s likely to look very different in the future. With new strategies, better content marketing, and the rise of AI, I think link building in 2023 will be more effective and efficient than ever before. I’m excited to see how the field of link building continues to evolve!